Saturday, March 14, 2009

A 6AM thought.

Two things:

1) Facebook Twittering = Cool. I can reach both lists, with one status message, instead of going to Facebook, typing in a message, then heading to Twitter just to put in the same thing!
2) I just realized, after a few days with this template, that the dates, headers, etc. are all lower case. For someone who likes for his typing to seem normal, well...that's slightly annoying. I might be doing some tinkering with the template. I still want something different for this blog, as compared to the Media Watch blog.

UPDATE: I'm gonna stick with this template for the time being. Also, I put up a new picture. That picture is Main Street in Florence, KY Feb. 13. And all links are now at LEFT, not right. For now at least. Until I find a comparable template that a) won't stretch the screen out, b) is more on the summery side since we're headed toward spring, and c) isn't TOO bright.

UPDATE 2: Found one I like! Capitalization's normal (:-)), looks greener to reflect spring (:-D), and best part is, it's DIFFERENT! :-D

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