Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An Update.

I am still not doing all that great. But...it's getting better. Slowly.

I continued to have some low periods through yesterday, but things are a bit better today than they have been.

Thank you all for the support...the likes of which has left me somewhat amazed.


coltfan said...

hang in there dude.I am going through a tough time myself may lose my job soon. All I can do is try to stay positive. Hard to do when you write , But it also helps the mind.

Michelle Dawn said...

Just hang in there.Someone special will find you and it will be the greatest thing in the world. Just be positive and patient.

Kathy Feightner said...

Hey Do you have bipolar? I am glad you are better. I will pray for you at night.Keep working at it. they will get your medication right.