Friday, March 20, 2009

Shuffle Blog (A PTONKY First)

Again, I promised some time back I'd do a Shuffle Blog. My MP3 player is on shuffle (or in this case, I have the radio going), and basically what I do is blog whatever comes to mind as I listen to music.

Starting out with Will Smith - Summertime. It's the first day of spring. I'm glad winter is basically over. Can we get snow after winter officially ends? Sure but, it becomes more and more rare as the days go by. I am looking forward to getting out of the house at some point this weekend. It's supposed to be 60 tomorrow, and 65 on Sunday. :) I think Spring makes people happier in general...I'm not saying I have seasonal affective disorder, but I feel much better than I have in the last few weeks. The thing I love about springtime is, it's much brighter. :)

I'm still dealing with my personal issues. It's going to be a few more days before I make my full comeback. But it's getting closer. Poker Face - Lady GaGa now. Good beat. I sometimes wish I had a poker face. The fact that I do not is why I am no good at Texas Hold 'Em. LOL. People can tell when I have a hand, and when I don't. And it usually costs me. LOL.

So, the weekend is here. Does anybody else feel like this week has kinda dragged? I sure do. I don't think the week could have gone any slower if I'd tried to slow it down! LOL.

I am looking forward to WWE Wrestlemania 25. Sounds like there's a great card shaping up...the Money In the Bank match is always interesting to me. Everybody - Black Box now. These songs are absolute JAMZ tonight! I love me some Q102! By the way - they're the ONLY radio station I really like to listen to for an extended period at night. I wrote a few weeks ago in this space that Holly Morgan, who does 7-midnight on Q102, is my favorite radio show personality. (What, did you think I'd pick myself? No, I'm not THAT self-centered!) LOL. But, Holly does know how to pick 'em...the songs, that is. And I think Grover Collins, who does middays on Q, out-kicked his coverage when he landed her! (For the uninitiated, Holly and Grover are real-life married. I knew this of course.) Soul Decision - Faded now. Good choice by that listener! This is the Friday Free-For-All...listeners to the station can call in and request songs :-) I did a couple weeks ago, I might have to call in again tonight :-) So, when people call in, Holly puts them on air a lot of the time. I love that - radio shows should depend on audience participation like this more often! That's why when I am on air, I always open the request lines to my listeners. :-) By the way, you can go online to to hear me, or to hear Holly, Grover and the rest of the Q gang :-)

Well I am going to end this blog, listen to a bit more Q, and catch WWE Smackdown! Have a great night and an AWESOME weekend!

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74WIXYgrad said...

I'm not all that interested in WWE nowadays, but I do wonder about your take on the death of Andrew "Test" Martin.

I think these human comic book characters sometimes pay too high of a price for a little bit of fame.

But I will say there are some of the wrestlers who have good mic skills and do an incredible job of playing their character.