Sunday, March 1, 2009

Moving to Happier News Now

The picture above is one I took last night, just before I went out with a few friends from the Northern Kentucky area.

Why all dressed up, you may ask?

One of the people I went out with last night is named Suzanne. Unfortunately, I don't yet have a picture of her to share. I do, however, have recent pictures of other people to share.

The above is me and my friend Chris, aka Spoons on Blogger of Rants of a madman, Observations of life through the eyes of Spoons, and my writings fame.

And the above is Spoons' girlfriend/fiancee, Emily or Emi, also pictured with me. Both of those pictures were taken on Valentine's Day, the day that yes, I got forced to go ditch-diving by a speeding car that did not stop.

I went with these two, along with Emi's niece and nephew twins and Suzanne, to IHOP in Florence last night. After splitting off from Emi, Chris and the twins for the night, Suzanne and I ventured over to the local Starbucks, where we proceeded to spend the next 90 minutes talking about life.

Stay tuned...there may eventually be developments between myself and Suzanne. And yes, I PROMISE there WILL be a picture of Suzanne and I forthcoming, hopefully by next weekend!


Michelle Dawn said...

sounds a great time. Just wondering have you always been in a wheelchair?

Shellmo said...

Jeremy - sounds like you have some very nice friends! Very interested to hear more about Suzanne.

J. Moses(Tri-State Media Watch Editor) said...

Michelle - Not exactly. I needed one beginning at age 7. Before that, there were attempts to get me to walk with a walker, but those didn't go too well.

Shellmo - I will post a picture of her very soon...but this much I can tell you, I think she likes me :)