Monday, March 16, 2009

Seeing life through these eyes

Please don't take offense to's kinda my way of venting.

Seeing Life Through These Eyes

People look at me every day
And they see a lot of things
But it's much different from the outside
Than seeing life through these eyes

These eyes see things daily
That eyes may not be meant to see
They're things that make most people
Run and scream in terror

Life through these eyes ain't easy
You gotta walk in my shoes to get it
Because until you've felt what I do
You'll never know how it feels

So the next time you see me
If I look broken and battered
Just remember how I see life
And you'll understand what I feel.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: For another perspective, please go read my friend Chris aka spoons' latest poem.

1 comment:

Michelle Dawn said...

Great poem and I don't think anyone will take it wrong.