Sunday, March 15, 2009

In the interest of full disclosure...

There are some things I need to say about the latter half of my last post.

I noted that I'd failed on Thursday as a friend to Chris and Emily in their time of need. The way I failed was, when I was told of the situation, I more or less failed to see the big picture, and said something to the effect of "I knew something would come along to upset me today". That fired Chris up to no end. (Actually, that's very much an understatement. To say at that point, he was starting to hate me would be a bit closer, but I can't figure out exactly how to word what REALLY was going on.)

There were some harsh words spoken Thursday night, I cannot lie.

Did I break their trust? Yes.

Did I hurt them? Yes.

Was I wrong? Without a doubt.

Am I sorry for my actions? Without a reservation in my mind.

Do I intend to make up for what I did and earn their trust back? Of course. I cannot change what happened Thursday night. Nor will it be easy to get back to where things were before this past Thursday. will happen. And, Chris, if I mess up...say so. I don't expect anyone to treat me any different. (Some do, that's their choice.) You and Emily should not, either.


Spoons said...

Man, you know me, If you mess up, ill be sure to let you know. Like we have both said, harsh words were exchanged thursday night, but its in the past. All we can do is move forward. Emi is still mad. Ill talk it over with her. Proof is crucial though.

J. Moses(Tri-State Media Watch Editor) said...

And again...proof is something that will come. It's a matter of figuring out ways to prove that these words I have spoken/typed are not just that...words.