Monday, March 9, 2009

Bad Weather Strikes...

...and I slept right through it!

We had severe thunderstorms impact metro Cincinnati around 6-7pm EDT last night. There was one tornado confirmed in Sunman, Indiana. What looks like a funnel cloud was spotted over Campbell County, Kentucky, and there's video of that featured on WLWT-TV 5's website.

But yours truly never saw any of this. I was asleep!

Now, it usually does not take much to wake me. My mom can wake me up by coming into the room. But, not tonight. I was out of it, and stayed out of it til about 8:00pm when I finally woke up, ate dinner...and I've been going ever since. I don't plan to go to bed until Monday night, so as not to throw myself into a 12pm-8pm sleep cycle...which isn't healthy.

I've been lacking on my signature lately...

Courage + Belief = Life

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