Sunday, March 22, 2009

At least one person may hate me for this decision.

But I really don't faith has led me to this choice.

I have decided to forgive Suzanne for how she hurt me. Why?

Well, I was sitting in church this morning. Today my pastor began the run up to Easter Sunday morning. The Scripture today was Matthew 4:18-20.

Afterward, of course we had the invitation time. And God laid it on my heart that I had something I needed to do...which was to forgive her. See...we don't need to hold a grudge against a fellow believer (Suzanne is Catholic). It only makes it harder to worship...harder to fellowship...harder to do what God wants us to do. And God laid this on my, forgive I must.

It may or may not be a popular decision. I don't care at this point how popular it is. I just know it's the RIGHT decision.


Spoons said...

Look man, its your call, if you choose to forgive her, no one has the right to be mad at you. We are mad at her, however, for her actions and her inability to do things in a more respectable manner. We arent mad at ya man, well emi isnt for that anyways.

Shellmo said...

I respect people with the power to forgive - it takes a strong person!