Sunday, March 8, 2009

Well...what a change in 18 hours!

Last night, I happened to drop this little hint in my blog:

"All I will say for now is, inconsiderateness when making plans with friends has GOT TO STOP."

Well, 18 hours later, I'm on air for my radio show. I'm about 2/3 of the way through it at that point. I get a text message. It's from Chris, aka Spoons of rants of a mad man as well as my writings and Observations of life through the eyes of spoons fame.

So, this text message was a surprise to me, in that I hadn't expected to be asked to do anything Saturday. But, Chris wanted to know if I was up to having a cookout, due to the nice temperatures we had going. (For anyone wondering, it was 76 degrees at 3PM EST yesterday in Florence, as most of Boone County also reached with maybe a couple exceptions.) Of course, yours truly LOVES to eat, so I said, "sure, let me finish my show, get ready, and I'll be out there." (Not in those exact words.)

Well, my computer did a crash job half an hour later, and when I couldn't get back online, I decided to bail, grab my shower, and split. Which is precisely what I did. I then made a 90 minute ride (yes, in case you're wondering, via wheelchair) to Boone Woods Park, located roughly 1 mile outside of the county's seat of Burlington, Kentucky.

After grilling hot dogs and hamburgers over a grill with charcoal, Emily, Chris, Brandon, Alicia, and a couple others all decided to head over to Chris' parents' house, in Oakbrook. (The same place which I got run into a ditch coming back from on Valentine's Day.) Suzanne joined us there, also but, due to work, she hadn't been at Boone Woods. (And dummy that I sometimes can be, I forgot the camera to get the picture I promised y'all!)

After a couple hours there, in which Chris had trouble lighting a fire in a fire pit, we all split up to head home. I won't talk about the incident that transpired as a few of us were leaving, except to say that I got scared out of my mind, to the point where yes, I did have two separate stress/anxiety attacks.

Oh and I will also say this: Because of said incident and the following stress attacks, me and Suzanne might be a little closer now, than we'd been even before.

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